Assembly of Youth


Assembly of Youth

A digital installation that gives disadvantaged children a voice.

‘Assembly of Youth’ was a digital installation that brought the voices of children from all over the world to the heart of United Nations Headquarters in New York. 

It was installed for the General Assembly, on the 25th of September 2015, bringing children’s hopes and needs to the attention of world leaders as they convened to discuss a set of new universal targets. A series of thought- provoking questions was sent to a network of children in developing countries - enabling them to respond for free, from any type of device, so that their messages would appear in the UN headquarters in New York.


Creative Agency: Google Creative Labs
Client: Google / UNICEF
ECD: Steve Vranakis
Creative Lead: David Bruno
Creative / Designer: Jack Beveridge
Technical Lead: Joao Wilbert
Team Lead: Peter Semple
Collaborators: United Visual Artists

My Role 

I worked with UVA to design the individual figures within the installation, as well as developing a set of design principles that tied everything together. I was the originator of the idea for the launch film, and was responsible for storyboarding, co-directing, and overseeing the edit and grade on site.

Key Results

- Over 1 million children’s voices were heard at the UN
- 800,000+ views of the film on social media
- Visited by 193 world leaders including Obama, Putin and the Pope. 
- Global media coverage exceeded 5 billion people