Project Jacquard

Project Jacquard

An integrated campaign launching the world's first interactive textile.

In 2015 ATAP, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, pioneered a new way to invisibly weave technology into any fabric, meaning everyday clothes could be transformed into interactive surfaces. 

We launched this innovative raw material and platform in a way that would bring two very distinct and disparate audiences together, fashion designers and developers. We utilised a variety of media: film; posters; exhibition; interactive demos; responsive digital sites; and an event to inspire them to come together and use the Jacquard platform to create the connected, touch-sensitive clothing of the future.



Creative Agency: Google Creative Labs
Client: Google ATAP
ECD: Steve Vranakis
Creative Lead: David Bruno
Creative / Designer: Jack Beverage
Designer: Hana Tanimura
Technical Lead: Joao Wilbert
Technical developer: Zebedee Pederson
Team Lead: Peter Semple
Film Director: Cale Glendening

My Role

Originator of creative ideas for the installation and brand identity, including responsibility for the specification and execution of the installation. I storyboarded and appointed the director for the launch film, as well as supported with design on the website and posters.

Key Results

- Trended nationally in US on Twitter on day of launch (I/O 2015) 
- Reached over 34.9 Million people through fashion & tech press
- 500,000 launch film views within the first week
- Generated hundreds of applications from partners, brands, fashion labels, developers to partner with the project
- Tim O’Reilly Tweeted: “Maybe my favorite thing yet at #GoogleIO2015”