A brand identity that helps reconnect refugees with society.

Reconnect is an initiative that helps refugees to navigate the unprecedented challenges of settling into a new community, including: learning a new language, accessing healthcare, resuming education and finding work. 

Over 25,000 laptops were initially deployed in centers across Germany, with the intention to expand across Europe. Each one was loaded with specific tools and relevant information for the refugees, on which a name and brand had to be applied. We partnered with NetHope and Google.org to launch Reconnect, with a flexible identity that could work across a number of situations and environments. The colourful blocks were a deliberate contrast to the bleak, hopeless world they had been exposed to.


Creative Agency: Google Creative Labs
Client: Google.org
ECD: Steve Vranakis
Creative / Designer: Jack Beveridge
Copywriter: Kate Baker
Team Lead: Peter Semple

My Role

I was responsible for the naming and graphic identity of the initiative, from setting design principles to artworking the final logo. Due to the necessary time frame, the turnaround time for this was less than a week.

Key Results

- Branding implemented across 25,000 laptops and Reconnect spaces in Germany
- 70+ articles in German press within 48hrs of launch, with a total reach of more than 130 million. 
- 316 applications for Chromebook grants in one month